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The Puppy Classic

The Group 1 Puppy Classic started in 1995 and has produced a number of classic winning greyhounds and is arguably still the best puppy race in the GBGB calendar.


1995Elliots Gem7-1Chambers (Nottingham)30.09
1996Buchari14-1Meek (Hall Green)30.29
1997Jaspers Boy11-10FPruhs (Peterborough)30.17
1998Sarah Dee9-1Savva (Milton Keynes)30.58
1999Kit Kat Kid10-11FLister OBE (Unattached)30.56
2000Westmead Woofa4-5FSavva (Unattached)29.87
2001Top Savings2-1Adams (Unattached)29.67
2002Jurassic Jack7-4FMeek (Hall Green)30.24
2003Droopys Shearer2-9FSoppitt (Unattached)29.47
2004Ballmac Niloc6-4FPhilpott (Unattached)30.37
2005Ronnies Champion9-4Wallis (Walthamstow)30.41
2006Fear Robben6-4FWallis (Walthamstow)30.19
2007Sibsey Showtime7-2Crapper (Sheffield)29.96
2008Farloe Merlin6-4Lister OBE (Unattached)30.19
2009Eye Onthe Storm6-1Wallis (Walthamstow)30.00
2010Droopys Oscar1-1FCahill (Hove)30.18
2011Farloe iceman9-4Dartnall (Hove)30.09
2012Ballymac Eske1-6FDraper (Sheffield)29.83
2013Droopys Odell6-4FCahill (Hove)29.68
2014Newinn Yolo5-4FRosney (Unattached)29.71
2015Crossfield Cesar9-4Cahill (Hove) 29.87 
2016Bubbly Bluebird4-5FYoung (Romford)29.75
2017Wildfire Lord12-1Young (Romford)29.66
2018Blue Trooper4-1Saunders (Belle Vue)30.29
2019Ice On Fire4-5FFenwick (Newcastle)29.39