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Snack Bar Menu

Fancy something to eat whilst you enjoy the racing? Still a little peckish after your 6 Pack Meal? Why not take a look at our Snack Bar Menu and order it on the night.


1/4lb Beef Burger£2.60    Jacket Potato with Butter£1.80
1/4lb Cheese Burger£2.90   with Beans£2.80
1/2lb Beef Burger£3.80   with Cheese£2.70
1/2lb Cheese Burger£4.10   with Tuna Mayo£3.60
1/4lb Bacon & Cheese Burger                         £4.00    
1/2lb Bacon & Cheese Burger£5.00  Small Chips£1.20
Chicken Burger£2.80  Large Chips£2.20
Veggie Burger£3.20  Chip Buttie£2.70
Jumbo Hot Dog£2.50  Small Chips & Cheese£1.60
Jumbo Cheese Dog£2.80  Large Chips & Cheese £3.10
Sausage & Chips£3.60  SANDWICHES
Sausage Cob                                           £2.50  

A selection of sandwiches are available,
please ask at the counter for the choice of fillings

Bacon Cob£2.50  £2.50
Sausage & Bacon Cob£3.25     
Beans                                       £1.00  Steak & Kidney Pie                              £2.80
Grated Cheese£0.90  Minced Beef & Onion Pie£2.80
Cheese Slice£0.30  Chicken & Mushroom Pie  £2.80
Cob£0.60  Cheese & Onion Pasty£2.80
Large Sausage                                         £1.50  Beef & Vegetable Pasty£2.80
Gravy£0.50  Shepherds Pasty£2.80
Curry Sauce£1.00   
Onion Rings£1.20   
Tea£0.90  Crisps    £0.80
Coffee£1.00  Kit Kat£0.80
Hot Chocolate£1.00  Mars£0.80
Various Cans (330ml)£1.00  Snickers£0.80
Still Water (500ml)90p  Twix£0.80
Various Flavoured Drinks (500ml)            £1.20                                  


For Allergen information please Click Here.