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The Greyhound Trust

Greyhounds can make great pets

Greyhounds can make great pets. They are generally calm, affectionate and tend to adapt easily to life as a pet. Many make loyal companions and excellent family pets. Contrary to popular belief they do not require lots of exercise.

Nottingham Greyhound Stadium work closely with the Greyhound Trust East Midlands Branch. To assist owners that are unable to offer a home to their greyhound at the end of its racing career Nottingham Stadium has developed a scheme, in partnership with the Greyhound Trust East Midlands Branch, whereby a percentage of prizemoney earned by all greyhounds racing at Nottingham Stadium, along with Stadium and Stadium Bookmaker contributions, goes directly to sponsoring a number of kennels for Nottingham ex-racers until they are re-homed.

The Stadium hosts regular fund raising events for the Greyhound Trust and if you think that you could offer a home to an ex-racer, or you require further information, log onto the sites below:

Greyhound Trust East Midlands Branch

Contact John & Judith Morton at the Greyhound Trust East Midlands Branch on 01636 822032 for details of Nottingham ex-racers seeking homes.

Greyhound Trust East Midlands Branch

Greyhound Trust Skegness Branch

Contact Kev & Jenny McCormick at the Greyhound Trust Skegness Branch on 07585 534601 for details of Nottingham ex-racers seeking homes.

Alternativley look online at their Facebook page.

At present their website is under construction but please use the link below to check for its completion.

Greyhound Trust

The Retired Greyhound Trust is a national charity, founded in 1975 and they are dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over.

The Greyhound Trust is registered with the Charity Commission (registered number 269668 & SC044047).

The Trust operates a network of over 70 branches across Britain, run by volunteers. Most branches have kennels with greyhounds that the public can meet and that are available for rehoming.

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